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Hartley Parish Council    Members and meetings

        Chairman  Cllr. Mrs Anne Oxtoby

        Vice Chairman Cllr. Larry Abraham.

        Cllr. Chris Alford

        Cllr Sheila Bennett

        Cllr. Penny Cole

        Cllr Prry Cole

        Cllr Lesley Driscoll

       Cllr Annette Ewing

        Cllr. David Graeme

        Cllr. Mally Malham

        Cllr Mathew Mohr

        Cllr Ian Ross

        Cllr. Vince Sewell



        Amenities & Open Spaces

        Burial Ground & Garden of Remembrance




        Working Groups

        Ash Road

        Standing Orders


        Village Appraisal

        Community Facilities

        The Parish Council meetings are normally held on the second Monday of each month at 7.30pm in the Manor field pavilion in Church Road, Hartley.  Members of the public may attend to observe the proceedings.

Notice of and dates of Committee meetings are posted on the notice board outside the Parish Office at the Library, Ash Road, Hartley.

 Note minutes prior to 2003 (1895-2002) are available in Hartley Library computers

 For the official Hartley Parish Council website and current minutes   Click on the following:- www.hartleyparishcouncil.org.uk

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         Kent County Council Member

         Cllr. David Brazier

         Member of Parliament

         Gareth Johnson.MP

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Sevenoaks District Council

Cllr Lawrence Abraham

Cllr Penny Cole

Cllr Perry Cole