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Clubs and Societies

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 Flower Club

        Hartley & District Horticultural Society (2nd Wednesday All Saints Hall) Visit:-        www.hartleyhortsoc.org.uk

  Hartley Country Club,  Culvey Close click on:-


 Social Club Ash Road near Post Office Seen centre         right of picture on right more details visit http://www.hartleyclub.webs.com/

 Fawkham & District Historical Society        

 (Meet 1st Friday 8.15 AS Church Hall)  Programme page 14

   Hartley Players

Hartley Footpath Group ( 2nd Sunday        (See open spaces 2 page for health walks on Tuesdays)        

Visit  www.walkingkent.co.uk/hartley.php

        Hartley & District Active Retirement Association  (HADARA) (meet in AS Church Hall Tues am)          Visit  www.hadara.org.uk

 Second Hartley & District  Active Retirement Association  (SHADARA) (meet in AS Church Hall Mon am)        

Visit   www.shadara.uk

  Scouts & Guides HQ in Larkwell Lane      See point 2 on map    

 Support the Scout waste paper collection at back of the Black Lion,Ash Rd.,on mornings of 1st Saturday in month

 Friends of All Saints

 For details of footpaths see


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        For the Kent association to which the  above are associated visit     www.kentara.co.uk

Hartley Afternoon WI & Hartley Evening WI         

Both meet in Village Hall

  Village Hall  in Ash Road (Was W.I.)

  See point 11 on key map

        Both above have a wide range of activities and outings