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        Hartley has had a long history going back to  to Roman times or perhaps even earlier.  All Saints Church goes back around 1,000 years to the original building , now much modified.

        Details of what is known of earlier history is given in The Rev. Gerald W Bancks’ book “HARTLEY THROUGH THE AGES”.  Copies of this once were hard to sell - but now fetch a fine price as rare items.

       (can be seen on reference disk in Hartley Library)

        Happily a more recent book - “THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS - Local government in the village of Hartley “is still available and can be seen in the Hartley Library.


        This book gives some detail of the work of the Parish Meeting and later the Parish Councils from 1894 to 1994.

Original minutes for these years  can be seen on reference disk in Hartley Library)

        Another reference at http://www.nwkfhs.org.uk/hart_plc.htm

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 Details of tithe maps and population can be found on the Kent Archeology web site  http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/Research/Maps/HAE/05.htm

For  historical maps of old Hartley go to:-   http://www.hartleykent.co.uk